Vacancy for ‘Beyond Home Tuition’ Branch Manager Shah Alam

Vacancy for ‘Beyond Home Tuition’ Branch Manager Shah Alam
beyond home tuition
“Building Your Future Career”
Home Tuition service has gained overwhelming responses from clients and parents.
Beyond Home Tuition services are now rapidly growing with niche; Effective & Fun Learning Modules for Science & Mathematics!
Branch Managers are needed for our new branches of Beyond Home Tuition Shah Alam.
– Exciting allowances and bonuses.
– Can share knowledge and effective learning with students.
– Can build experience and improve soft-skills with companies operating in Malaysia & abroad.
– Training programmes and career development available.
And many other benefits.
Requirements For Branch Manager:
– Prepare to become Beyond Home Tuition ambassador to go further in this field.
– Have a strong passion in the field of education and management.
– Proficient in administrative tasks which include Microsoft Office, Internet and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others).
– Confident in communicating with clients, parents and anyone.
– Able to communicate in Bahasa Melayu & English. Mandarin is a bonus.
– Can teach academic subjects and improve our learning modules (Science, Mathematics or English)
– Always ready to give benefits and add values to own life and lives of others.
– Always eager to learn new things for personal growth and company development.
– Have career experiences or active involvements in extra-curricular activities, outdoor activities in tertiary institutions or external organisations.
– Ready to do any task to be given later.
If interested in becoming a part of our big family, please email your resume to with the title BHT Branch Manager Application before 30th Mei 2016.
Then, please WHATSAPP ‘BHTSA _Full Name’ to 013-2006840 as soon as possible!
Thank you.
‘Future Career Belongs To You’

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