Cara Melakukan ‘Business Pitching’ Kepada Investor Dalam 2 Minit

How to pitch to investor under 2 minutes?

  • the people need to LIKE you first 🙂


  • Set a HOOK; specific problem and unmet need that u want to SOLVE…in very interesting way.
  • Stand out
  • Stories- quick story; history, origin relevant to what you want to share
  • Examples- relate with something usual (analogy)
  • Simile: to ease understanding.. Avoid scientific Stockphoto images to get creative things
  • Metaphore: avoid technical &technology terms withour explaining.

Middle part

  1. What is your product?
  2. Who is your market?
  3. How will you make money?
  4. Who is behind the company?
  5. Who are your competitors? recognise
  6. What is your competitive advantage?


Ask for what that you want.

Colombo Close: leave them with what thought you want.

What the product/service can leave the legacy to the human being or to the world.


For further information, please continue to watch this video…


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